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March 3, 2004

Received a very nice letter from Tom Howard, Jr.

My Dad, Thomas S. Howard, Sr. was a communication chief with the 49th

Squadron of the 2nd Bomb Group of the 15th Air Corps.


Dad is now 82 and lives in Milo, Maine.  He and I are planning to be in

Washington for the dedication on May 29 of the WWII MEMORIAL.  This

will be very meaningful Dad and we are planning the trip, in part, as something

focus on.  Dad's wife of 56 years and my Mom of 46 years passed away last week.


Do you know of any reunions that are planned during the dedication ceremony

May?  I would be very proud to have Dad see someone, anyone, that he served

with in North Africa and Italy.


If you are aware, please let me know.


With deep respect and gratitude.    Tom Howard, Jr.





August 09, 2003

A letter from Michelle Aleck, (18 years old) from Vermont asking for information about

her Grandfather Charles Casper Aleck who served in the WW II who died before she was

born. In his paper she determined that he has served in the 49th Squadron 2nd Bomb Group August 1943 to Spring of 1944.


September 20th 2004

A Story about W. Harold Plunkett and his friendship

with David Tyner of 60 years. was misplaced on the a current

copy  www.2ndbombgroup.org with the People of the 96th

instead of the people of the 49th Squadron. That is now corrected.

Please forgive this error.  You could probably put the blame of

this error at the feet of the 84+ year old Web Master.

Harold and David met in Alamogorda, New Mexico in 1942

Luckily they met again in Italy in 1943 in the 49th Squadron

of the Second Bomb Group.   you can see how two hansom young

men turned into two very alert older men.


                                                                                 Harold Plunkett working on ball turret guns

                                                                                    In N. Africa, 1943                                                    



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