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Crew Photos

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The following are photos provided by Robert Hofmann - robertdhofmann@yahoo.com

These are various photos of Capt Jerry Hofmann, Pilot, 429th Bomb Squadron, Amendola, Italy.

Biography of

Capt John Gerald "Jerry" Hofmann

1916 - 1945



Jerry Hofmann/JGH Graduation



Earl McClish, Bill Schilling, Don May, Jerry Hamilton, Isadore Berman, Mel Moser.

Jerry Hofmann, Chuck Crafton, Roy Cooper.  (Florida, April 1944)


WWII 429th Bomb Sq, 2nd Bomb Group, 300th Mission for the Group.  Jerry Hofmann, Jim Merritt in front row (Amendola Airfield, Foggia Italy 1944)



WWII 2nd Bomb Group 300th Mission Lead Plane, Jerry Hofmann, Bombardier Col Randall Bedgood, Pilot Jim Merritt, Navigator

Amendola Foggia Italy


Brooklyn NY Congressman John J Rooney at 2nd Bomb Group base in Amendola Italy late 1944 or early 1945 with Capt Robert Canavan of 82nd St Bat Ridge Sgt O'Rourke and Capt Jerry Hofmann  

Betty's Chow Hounds at Amedola

Joe Lewis referees boxing match at Amendola



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