Mission # 263

75th Anniversary Commemoration

August 23-25, 2019

Czech Republic



Contact person is Roman Susil.  He needs body counts to secure hotel accommodations. His email: roman.susil@gmail.com


Chance for a memory of a lifetime.  I know we all perhaps have other summer priorities, but I wanted to make sure the invitation was extended. Can’t predict how many more of these will be held. Great opportunity to dovetail it into a tour of Prague, Vienna or Europe. At least time to get your passports ready. Here’s what we know...

Notice to family and friends. The 75th Commemoration of Mission #263 is this summer August 23-25th, 2019 in the Czech Republic. The sad news is it will miss the actual date of August 29th. The good news is that it means many with children will be able to attend as school in the US and CZ will still be out and people can travel. Now is the time to think about planning for this historic event. It commemorates the worse loss of life (41 airmen of the 100 shot down) in 2nd Bomb Group history including James A. Weiler KIA and the loss of the entire 20th Squadron plus 3 other heavy bombers (10 planes total.)

The CZ hosts invited everyone to attend. Go the the mission #263 FaceBook page for details. If you can get to Vienna or Prague we can likely get you the rest of the way. If you have questions please PM me or Roman Sušil
roman.susil@gmail.com .  These are very accommodating people, but we need a head count to plan logistics. Please join us for the memory of a lifetime. I have toured Vienna and Prague several times and can advise. A van caravan is planned from Vienna the day before the ceremonies. See below.

Here is Roman’s initial daily breakdown so far at the various crash sites and monuments.

Time schedule (subject to change):
Friday, Aug. 23, 2019
06:00 pm  commemoration at Kasava, crash site of S/N 44-6359
Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
09:00 am  commemoration at Nemsova- Luborca (SK), grave of S/Sgt. Adrew Solock, crew member of B-24H, S/N 52313
10:45 am  commemoration at Sanov, crash site of S/N 42-32096
12:00 am  lunch at Slavicin
03:00 pm  commemoration at Krhov, crash site of S/N 42-32048
05:00 pm  Bojkovice
Sunday, Aug 25, 2019
09:30 am  visiting the Pesat family's house
10:30 am  commemoration at Rudice, crash site of S/N 42-97159
12:00 am  commemoration at Nova Bosaca, crash site of 42-31473
15:00 pm  commemoration at Vyskovec, crash site of S/N 42-31885

Arrival and departure organization plan from Roman. 
Most of you, we believe, would like to see more than just places related to the air battle. Some of you would like to see Prague, Vienna or other places. Some of you would like to see other places either prior or after the official commemorations, this all is up to you.


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