The Second Bombardment Association's

2001 Reunion Sept. 27th to 30th

Holiday Inn Convention Center

Omaha, Nebraska

(All Pictures courtesy Dave Carlock Web Master)

President Edwin Hodges 2 lady helpers from Omaha Convention Bureau (standing), Irene Radtke, and Jean Hodges (sitting).


Irene Radtke and Vice President Richard Radtke at the 2nd Bombardment Association

2001 Reunion in Omaha, Nebraska

Bob Ogletree & Richard Radtke

Nandi Mohos, visitor from

Hungary (Beard), hosts Barbara and Ray Specker

Nadine Amos, Bob's wife

Barry Amos, Bob's son

Bill and Fran Tune.  Bill was pilot on 20th Squadron lead plane on Mission 263 Story on 20th Squadron page


Garello Giancarlo from Italy and Loy Dickinson, Vice President of the Second Bombardment Association.


President Ed Hodges giving a copy of "Defenders of Liberty" to 

Dave Carlock Web Site Developer at


Richard Radtke by 2nd Bomb Group Plaque to be Installed at March

AF Base in California Sept.25 in the

15th Air Force Exhibit.

Dick Radtke with former treasurer

 of the Association Fred V. Rice Jr.

at the reception desk in Omaha. Their wives are seated with them.

Fred Rice Jr. passed away in May 2002.

Chuck Richards

with Nandi Mohos from

Hungary and others

Chuck Passed away in May 2002.  See Story on Book page 2.





2nd Bomb Group visits the "Strategic Air Museum" in Omaha, Nebraska

Blackbird Supersonic Jet in the lobby and a view from below the tail

Left: Our guide with V1 spy plane in background, could he TALK!! 

Right: the Famous B-17 G Heavy Bomber of World War II . Looks small doesn't it, men? But what a fantastic airplane!!

Strategic Air Command Museum from the front and from bus



The 2nd Bomb Group visits the Durham Western Museum in Omaha, Nebraska

Bob & Lettie Hindert from Peoria, IL

Director Earl Martin and wife Anne


People looking at a buffalo

Nadine Amos talking to servicemen in the museum rail station.

Picture of real buffaloes from Tall Grass Prairie in Osage County, OK

Joyce Carlock telling the Navy off

Hank Schieble Having a sundae with Dottie???


Dave and Ray Thinking about getting in on the act.

Ray Specker escorting a passenger from Train.


          We Did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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