20th Bomb Squadron
2nd Bomb Group

United States Army Air Forces during WWII in Italy



"Defenders of Liberty" describe this mission as "The Darkest Day- A Squadron Lost" in

 the history of the 2nd Bomb Group. The story covers 14 pages of the history. Nine planes

 from the 20th Squadron were lost, one from the 49th which was lagging behind was lost

 and one from the 429th which was lagging behind and was lost. A B-24 from the 454th

 Bomb Group seeking the protection of the 2nd was lost to the German Fighters. There

 were eight survivors from the leading plane of the 20th Squadron, six were POW until the

 end of the war some eight months later.


If you would like to read the complete story of Mission 263,
see Defenders of Liberty
pages 247-259
You can also find information on the crews in the
Second Was First pages. 336-355
Mission 263, listed on the second books page, is dedicated to this mission
 and contains complete information on it

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