Research Tips


      Click the "Research Tips" link above for a list of tips written

      by Julie Belanger who has tracked down family members of her

      father-in-law's crew.




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Example of how to use the database:

  • Go to the "2nd Personnel" button and then go to the "Inquiry by Crew Member" button and type in the last name of the crewman you are searching followed by an asterisk/star * character.  The asterisk/star * character is a "wildcard" and is important to include in your initial search unless you know exactly how a name is listed in the database.  Example, type in Underwood* and the search will show the missions (date, where to, and on what aircraft) of all the crewmen in the 2nd Bomb Group with the last name of Underwood (Underwood, Richard F and Underwood, C E).

  • Then once you know the exact listing, go to the "Entire Crew Listing" button and type in the exact full name of the crewman you are searching.  Example, type in Underwood, Richard F. This will show you the names of those that flew with Richard Underwood on each mission.

Other Help for Researchers

  • The "Links" webpage which is marked as the last page of the website has many helpful links.